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1974 Porsche 914 2.0L

This is a brief historical description of my 914 to the best of my knowledge, and with support of what documentation I have. Along with what has been conveyed to me by Ed, I believe I'm the 4th owner of this timeless, stunning, little blue gem. I purchased it in March 25th 2022, from a man named Ed Pereira here in Modesto Ca.

     This 914 started its life with the original owner from Fremont Ca. After the owner drove the 914 for 26 years, she wanted to sell it to her son, but he failed to come up with the funds in a timely manner. So...she sold it to the second owner by the name of John in 2000 from Fremont Ca.

      John drove the1974 Porsche 914 for nearly two years, and in the summer of 2002...he started the restoration on the 914. has always been a dry California car, even prior to its restoration. John was the planner of this restoration, and he intended it to be his Trailer Queen. The original color was a metallic Alaska Blue, and John decided to change the color to a beautiful 1994 Carrera...Metallic Irish blue color. The body is very straight, and the floor pan is solid, and in excellent condition. Hell holes are excellent, and the jack points are perfect. The carpets, and mats are fresh, as well as the new water wiper rubber hoses, and a new front wind shield. All the rubber moldings and seals have been replaced. The entire vehicle has been refreshed...along with the transmission and engine where rebuilt in 2002 from a shop in South Bay. RS door pulls, radio delete, short shift, and many other items and parts on the 914 have been replaced with new parts. After the 914 was complete John had to cell it because of a divorce, and he had to liquidate some of his toys and a bit of his dreams. 

     In July of 2015 the Porsche was sold to Ed Pereira here in Modesto Ca. with around 49,000 original miles on the odometer. Ed did not do any cosmetic changes or modifications to the car. He had all the maintenance done by Euro Trends of Modesto, and kept it garaged under a cover. It never seen rain since its restoration. Ed would start and run the engine frequently, and take it out occasionally, to keep the moving parts lubed. Ed put less that 900 miles on the Porsche in 7 years that he owned it, due to his grandson lost interest, and his wife had no interest in the car what so ever!

     In March 25, 2022 I purchased the 1974 Porsche 914 from Ed Pereira. I've know Ed for a couple years, and one day he brought it to my shop for a tune up, because he wanted to cell it. The 914 was stored in Eds garage for many years so it really needed a lot of work to get it running right. After deducting the maintenance price I did on the car from the sale price, I became the owner of the 914. The car is mildly custom. The side markers have been shaved and filled prior to painting. The 74's front and rear bumperettes have been deleted, as well as the front fog lamps, and painted black. The bumpers are more like the smoother profile of the 1971 & 72 914's. The front turn signals are clear lens, not the amber. The targa wing support strut is Irish blue rather than the customary black fabric sail panels. The rear 914 2.0 insignia is blackened, not the original chrome look. The steering wheel is upgraded to a Momo. The original four lug wheels have been adapted to five lug adapters, with real 912 14" Fuchs 5 spoke rims, even the spare has a Fuchs 5 spoke rim. The overall design concept is very modest and minimal. Another thing nice about the 74' is it has the more desirable 914 side shift transmission assembly that shift perfect. The best thing is that it dose not require a smog certification, in California. 

     The 914 has now 53,200 mile on the odometer, so yes I drive the car because it's a shame to have it site for so long. I take it to the local car shows, cars and coffees, and I drove it from California to St. George Utah and back with no issues at all. The 914 runs a 2.0L Bosch D-Jetronic Fuel injection engine. The 914 starts up with out stepping on the gas petal when cold, and runs great after it worms up. I get a lot of complements, and on a scale from 1-10 on the paint would have to be a high 8. I've painted for many years and this is a high quality paint job in my opinion. To purchase a 2.0L 914 now and have the work that was done on this car, you'll pay a lot more than the sale price I'm asking for. 

     Any questions? Please don't hesitate to call, I'll do my best to answer them. 209-565-2779

     Asking: $30,000.00 or best offer, no trades, Serious Inquiries only!

Thank you,

Larry Alvarez 


My Thoughts

I have been doing auto body and painting professionally since 1996. Specializing in Porsche Restoration & Paint. I bought this 914 because of the quality of the bodywork and paint on this Porsche. I did a little paint correction to bring out the color for it has not been touched since 2015 when it was painted. Almost everything is new and well put together by the person that restored the Porsche 914. It drips a little oil, when parked. It's an old Porsche that sat for many years. I've owned air cooled cars and they all have some leak, to some degree. 

​Thank you,


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